Becoming an infant observation supervisor/seminar leader is a complex challenge, generally experienced in a solitary way. Despite the various, creative local solutions that have been tried in different parts of the world, the issue of the training of new supervisors remains open to discussion. No formal training exists for this demanding function that includes the responsibility of maintaining and transmitting the technique, as well as sustaining the dynamic and continuity of the group. In the last several years, we have witnessed a number of colleagues who have sought to prepare themselves in different ways for this new function of supervisor: a second supervised observation, supervision in pairs of supervisors, joining a group led by an experienced supervisor, and, more recently, supervision of supervision. Based on the latter experience, the aim of this paper is to present some reflections on the training and function of the infant observation supervisor. Maintaining a certain distance, the supervisor of the new supervisor/seminar leader is in a privileged position to take a more experienced and, perhaps, calmer, detailed look at the primitive unconscious observation material. This enables the new seminar leader/supervisor the opportunity to listen to herself and to simultaneously train her psychoanalytic listening of primitive psychic phenomena.

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